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Image Country Mill Style Content Size Weight Color Quantity Description
More Information 30758 Stretch 53-54" 8oz White Pisme 910 yards Striped Brushed Twill
More Information 316E-PBD 100%C 59-60" 12oz Striped 84 yards Left-Hand Weave Striped Denim
More Information Black/White-1-PBD 98%C 2%S 54-56" 9oz Striped 97 yards Black/White Striped Twill
More Information BWPS-PBD 98%C 2%S 50-51" 7.50oz Black w/Pink Stripes 39 yards Striped Stretch Twill Shirting
More Information BWRS-PBD 98%C 2%S 50-51" 7.50oz Black w/Red Stripes 72 yards Striped Twill Stretch Shirting
More Information Diablo Stripe-PBD Poly/Cotton 59-60" 9oz Red/Black Stripe 530 yards Beautifully Rich Red/Black Striped Fabric
More Information DNM-2-SM 100%C 59-60" 10oz Indigo/White Stripe Temp. Out of Stock Striped Denim
More Information Hickory / Railroad Stripe 100%C 59-60" 10oz Indigo / White Line (Continuous Yardage) Hickory Striped Denim
More Information Hickory Shirting-PBD 100%C 54-55" 6.70oz Striped 74 yards Hickory Striped Twill Shirting
More Information Nautical Stripe 100%C 61-62" 10oz Striped Line (Continuous Yardage) Denim printed in USA to replicate the SMA stripe that is no longer in inventory.
More Information P267C1-PBD 100%C 57-58" 8oz Indigo Striped 817 yards Striped Denim, Unique Weave and Stripe Pattern Almost Looks Herringbone
More Information Sailor Stripe 100%C 61-62" 10oz Black Striped Line (Continuous Yardage) Denim printed in USA to replicate the SMA stripe (Nautical Stripe), but with Black Stripes
More Information Track Stripe-PBD 100%C 58.5-59" 7oz Indigo/White Stripes 113 yards Indigo/White Striped Denim
More Information TSWWNS-PBD 100%C 60-61" 6oz Striped 55 yards Striped Twill Shirting
More Information Pacific Blue Mills DB Woven Stripe 100%C 58-59" 7.50oz Indigo 3,944 yards (Line Item) Custom Mills Double Woven Shirting, Solid Indigo Front and Indigo/White Jacquard Striped Back
More Information Pacific Blue Mills Over/Under 100%C 58-59" 6.50oz Light Indigo 3,898 yards (Line Item) Custom Milled Jacquard Fabric, Polka-Dot Front and Striped Back
More Information China 0501 100%C 59-60" 6.20oz Striped 592 yards Lightweight Denim With White Stripes
More Information China Bar Stripe/8SDCF-1655N Stretch 50" 9.50oz Indigo/Black 670 yards Velvet Stripes
More Information China Cone 53423 5950 OJ-PBD 100%C 57-58" 7oz Striped 142 yards Cone Mills China Indigo/White Track Striped Denim
More Information Hong Kong Mystic Stripe/85X52 70%C 29%P 1%S 48-49" 10oz Indigo w/Black Stripes 12,600 yards Striped Denim
More Information Italy Berto 1725-PBD 98%C 2%Elastan 59-60" 7oz Indigo w/White Stripes 2,980 yards Beautiful Striped Denim
More Information Italy Candiani PR1487-PBD 100%C 61.5-63" 11oz Sioux Finish Preshrunk 157 yards Striped Italian Denim with Broken Twill Weave
More Information Japan D8460 Poly/Cotton 44-45" 3.50oz MLB Indigo / White Stripe 216 yards Indigo/White Striped Twill
More Information Japan Kurabo KD-9179 100%C 57.5-59" 10oz Indigo Striped 3,508 yards Japanese Striped Denim
More Information Taiwan 10314-Y733 42%Lyocell 33%C 15%Rayon 9%P 1%S 52.5-54" 9oz Print 94 yards Multicolored Rose Print
More Information Turkey Isko 98420 Stretch 52-53" 7oz Mid Dark Pin Navy/White 155 yards Turkish Navy Jegging with White Stripes
More Information USA Avondale 1550 100%C 65" 10.75oz Striped Indigo/White 1,420 yards Striped Denim
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